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Feature Articles: Diamond Hill and Hidden Secrets of the Blue Mountains

'Comleroy Road' - the Hawkesbury Settlement...

'Comleroy Road' - the Road...
  • The Hawkesbury road called 'Comleroy Road' originally led all the way to the Hunter Valley.
  • It was given its name because it led to a huge agricultural region called 'Comleroy' in the Hunter.
'Comleroy' - the Hunter Valley Region...
  • Comleroy in the Hunter became an important cattle and sheep area in the 1820s. This was the original 'Comleroy'.
  • The Comleroy area in the Hunter Valley was first described as 'Coomery Roy' by explorer, John Howe, in his 1819 field book.
'Comleroi' - the Hunter Valley Locality...
  • A small locality called Comleroi still exists in the Hunter Valley - the remnant of the huge Comleroy district.

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Kurrajong's Volcano: Diamond Hill

There is an extinct volcano just one kilometre from Comleroy Road. This area, known today as Diamond Hill, has a fascinating history.

Diamond Hill is just one of the volcanoes that erupted in this area 200 million years ago. Read about how the geological history of our area influenced the early patterns of settlement in our article: Hidden Secrets of the Blue Mountains.

Convict Stockade Resources!

There were two convict stockades or work camps along the original Comleroy Road (read more). To understand the history of these significant convict sites, compare them with the well researched convict stockade sites established in the Greater Lithgow area in the 1830s.

Ollie Leckbandt has documented hundreds of convict relics and artefacts discovered at these sites. Read about Ollie's fascinating finds in our new Convict Stockade pages.

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