Comleroy Road Churches

A small wooden Wesleyan Church was built at the Comleroy Road settlement near Kurrajong in the Hawkesbury in 1854. Another small wooden Church of England Church was moved to the Comleroy Road settlement from the Slopes in 1908. According to The Windsor and Richmond Gazette, a special sled was placed under this latter church and 35 bullocks pulled it to its new location, to the delight of a crowd of hundreds of onlookers.

Both churches were subsequently burned down in the devastating 1944 fire. The Church of England was rebuilt in 1946 but has now been removed.

On the Hawkesbury on the Net website you can see a detailed transcription and photographs of all the graves in the old Comleroy Road Wesleyan Church cemetery.

Comleroy Road Wesleyan Church site
Comleroy Road Wesleyan Church cemetery
Top: Site of the Comleroy Road Wesleyan Church with two original palm trees. Above: The cemetery of the old Comleroy Road Wesleyan Church still remains.
Another historic church on Comleroy Road is the Upper Colo Anglican Church. This church stands on a distant section of Comleroy Road, about 14 km north of the Comleroy Road settlement near Kurrajong. Upper Colo can be reached by following Comleroy Road north down the windy gravel road to the causeway across Wheeny Creek at Wheeny Creek Reserve and then up the other side and into the picturesque Upper Colo valley.

Upper Colo Anglican Church was built by local residents on land donated by the Gosper family. It was constructed from handmade bricks fired on the site and cost a total of one hundred and fifty pounds. It was opened on 14th April 1906 with a gala day and picnic lunch attended by 200 people.

On 2nd April 2006, the 100th Anniversary of the historic Upper Colo church was celebrated with a commemorative church service and a picnic lunch held in the sunny grounds of Somerset Camping Complex.

A list of graves in the Upper Colo Anglican Church cemetery can also be found on the Hawkesbury on the Net website.

Upper Colo Anglican Church (1906) on Comleroy Road at Upper Colo
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