'Comleroy' Withdrawn
As Hawkesbury Suburb Name

In the 1990s a proposal was lodged with the Geographical Naming Board to call a Hawkesbury suburb north of Kurrajong by the name of 'Comleroy'.

The proposed Hawkesbury suburb name, 'Comleroy', has now been withdrawn, and this area is now once again called 'Kurrajong'. See Geographical Naming Board Statement

The name, 'Comleroy', was added to Hawkesbury maps such as in UBD street directories between 2003 and 2005. However, the 2006 UBD Street Directory no longer shows this withdrawn suburb name.

A locality called Comleroi currently exists in the Hunter Valley and this was the area originally called Comleroy (or Comleroi) by early settlers in the 1820s. See Geographical Naming Board Statement

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