Comleroy Road Convict Camp
and Police Station

There once was a convict camp and police station at the Kurrajong end of Comleroy Road. Part of the site is now a reserve called Matheson Park, near the junction of Roxana Road and Comleroy Road. Historical records say that floggings and hangings occurred near this site.

Matheson Park, Comleroy Road
The site of the old convict camp and police station at the Kurrajong end of Comleroy Road

The Hawkesbury Council is working to preserve the history of this site and bushcare volunteers are working with the council to remove weeds. Hopefully more traces of the camp will appear as clearing proceeds.

At the Hunter Valley end of the original Comleroy Road, there was another Police Station and convict camp. This convict camp was established to build a major police station here consisting of soldier's quarters, stables, stockade and outbuildings.

Both sites are currently under research.

In the Lithgow area of NSW, there are some other fascinating convict stockade sites that have been researched in great detail by Ollie Leckbandt:
--- Mt Victoria Stockade,
--- Hassans Walls Stockade,
--- Bowens Hollow Stockade,
--- Mt Kirkley Stockade, and
--- Mt Walker Stockade.
These convict stockades housed convict road gangs working on the old Mitchell's Road to Bathurst in the 1830s.

Ollie Leckbandt has written books about the artefacts found on these stockade sites and the forgotten convict history revealed by these artefacts. Ollie Leckbandt's descriptions offer valuable insights into the probable history of the convict camp sites on Comleroy Road.

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