Comleroy Road School of Arts

Celebrated its 100th Anniversary
on 8th June 2007!

The Hawkesbury Comleroy Road locality also had a hall built in 1907. This hall still officially retains the title, 'Comleroy Road School of Arts'.

The foundation stone was laid by Mr Brinsley Hall MLA on 8th June 1907 with many ceremonial speeches, as reported The Gazette newspaper on 15th June 1907. The hall was to be built on land costing £13/10, with bricks costing £66 and a building contract of approximately £175.

Mr Brinsley Hall said, 'The institution would be the means of bringing young and old together in pleasant social intercourse, which in itself was a good thing. But it would be capable of far greater good in the way of imparting knowledge when they established the library, for, as they all knew, there was nothing better to cultivate the minds of young people and old, than good solid reading.'