Comleroy Road

There were 10 guesthouses along Comleroy Road from the 1920s to the 1940s. (See photographs)
Guesthouses in the northern end of the Comleroy Road settlement in the 1920s - 1940s. Two other guest houses, 'Mariana' and 'It'll Do', were in the southern end of the settlement.
This was a golden era for the Comleroy Road Settlement. The Pansy Steam Train was bringing up hundreds of visitors to Kurrajong for the weekends. They were picked up from the Kurrajong railway station and delivered to the many guesthouses in the area.

The visitors played tennis on the courts at each guesthouse, they went horse riding around the district and went swimming in Little Wheeny Creek. Cricket could be played on the cricket pitch in McMahons Road and races were held at a racecourse on Vin McMahon's property on Comleroy Road.

Gloria Dollin recalled that while Sydney-siders suffered rationing, the guesthouse guests enjoyed fresh milk, eggs and butter. The Dollin family supplied dressed ducks to local guest houses.

Vince McMahon recalled that in the evenings, the guests played cards and gathered around the piano for sing-alongs. They had dances at the Comleroy Road School of Arts and watched motion pictures at the Kurrajong Theatre.

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