Comleroy Road
Guesthouses of Yesterday

Research on these guest houses is continuing. The information below is what is available at this stage. We are seeking more information, stories and photographs about the Comleroy Road guesthouses. If you can assist, please contact us.
Originally owned by the Wholohan family. The Dollin family stayed in Greendale in 1956 while their new home on McMahons Road was being built -- probably the last guests at Greendale. This guest house is no longer there.
Site of Greendale Guesthouse
The driveway that led to Greendale Guesthouse, with remnants of the grand gardens
Bonnie View
Originally owned by the Peterson family
Bonnie View Guesthouse, Comleroy Road
Bonnie View, another grand Comleroy Road Guest House
Shrublands Guest house
Shrublands, a grand old guesthouse with a tennis court and surrounded by magnificent gardens
Dural View
Originally owned by TJ McMahon. Picture not yet available.
Mountain View
Originally owned by TW McMahon
Mountain View Guesthouse
Originally owned by Vin McMahon. The racetrack was also on this property.
Rosendhu, Comleroy Rd
Originally owned by Micheal McMahon
Once the location of the Comleroy Road Post Office
Garryowen Guesthouse
Originally owned by Frank McMahon
Now known as Vanay
Dalganally, Comleroy Road
It'll Do
Once used as overflow accommodation for Mariana Guesthouse
Comleroy Road It'll Do
Now known as Bell Trees
Mariana, Comleroy Road
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