Australian Localities
Named after Roads

An old locality four km north of Kurrajong along the Comleroy Road has the unusual distinction of being named after the road itself. It was called 'Comleroy Road'.

While naming a locality after a road may be unusual, there are a number of other Australian localities that have been named after roads:

Bedford Road, VIC 3135
Blenheim Road, NSW 2113
Booran Road PO, VIC 3163
Brighton Road, VIC 3184
Burma Road, WA 6532
Claude Road, TAS 7306
Cross Roads, NSW 2850
Cross Roads, SA 5558
Cross Roads, VIC 3373
Dargal Road, QLD 4455
Domain Road PO, VIC 3141
Glenelg Jetty Road, SA 5045
Missenden Road, NSW 2050
North Road, VIC 3187
Portland Roads, QLD 4871
St Kilda Road (P.O. Boxes), VIC 8004
St Kilda Road Central (P.O. Boxes), VIC 8008
St Kilda Road Central, VIC 3004
Stroud Road, NSW 2415
Tetoora Road, VIC 3821
Wattletree Road PO, VIC 3145
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